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Sport is competitive. Sports supplements are an important part of not only your training but your lifestyle. Don’t risk any supplement, being contaminated and undo years of training.When consuming sports supplements, it’s hard to beat supplements where the supplier tests every batch of their product for WADA banned substances? We do. Also, now you can search for HASTA Certified products here.We also run a program of single batch testing of popular lifestyle supplements driven by our years of research with athletes. It’s a fact. Training only represents 5-15% of an elite athletes day. As an athlete, you can search for testing of a particular batch of our health, fitness, lifestyle & wellness products for WADA banned substances? Search for the HASTA test certificate of the product batch number here too.





Why test Sports Supplements?

Independent studies of sports nutrition products by IOC and others shows 10 – 25% are contaminated with WADA banned steroids, stimulants or both

ASADA says “Supplements are one of the leading causes of failed anti-doping tests in Australia with approximately one athlete testing positive every month.”

You are unable to check Supplements on the Global DRO; this applies to all sport supplements and dietary supplements, including vitamins & minerals, traditional medicines, herbals, probiotics & homeopathic products

Using a supplement therefore poses a potential risk to competing athletes


Who can test sports supplements for WADA banned drugs?

Requires specialised equipment, methods and expertise to detect trace amounts of a wide range of drugs in a wide range of products (powders/capsules/gels/bars etc)

Not tested for in routine QA labs for either therapeutics or food

ASADA and other WADA labs can detect these drugs in athlete samples (eg. urine), but under their charter cannot test, certify or endorse any supplements commercially

Therefore this testing requires an independent, accredited & experienced drug testing laboratory


Who is HASTA?

HASTA = Human And Supplement Testing Australia

HASTA is a division of Racing Analytical Services Ltd (RASL)

RASL is the largest independent forensic drug testing laboratory in Australia

HASTA was established to focus on:

- Sports Supplement testing

- Expanding the human testing portfolio of RASL

NATA Accredited to ISO 17025


What’s the difference between “batch testing” and Certification?

Batch testing generally means that a sample from a specific batch of product has been sent for Independent Third Party testing and has been shown not to contain WADA banned substances

Certification requires significant additional commitment from the supplier including:

- Verification testing of multiple samples from different batches;

- Assessment of their independently audited manufacturing QA systems;

- Once Certified, every batch must be tested


If a product is Certified does that guarantee that it is drug free?

The inadvertent presence of a prohibited substance in a commercial supplement generally arises from:

- Manufacturing process control failure; leading to cross-contamination,

- Impurities present in the raw materials or

- Cross-contamination between raw materials within the supply chain

No testing can ever guarantee that a batch is completely free from contamination, as the batch may not be homogenous

Certification requires manufacturing in a GMP accredited site in addition to screening for banned substances, so provides a greater level of assurance for professional athletic consumers


Are Certified products WADA/ASADA approved?

WADA and ASADA do not certify or endorse any supplement products

Under their charter, WADA labs cannot provide commercial testing of supplements

ASADA states: “If a company wishes to promote its products to the sport community, it is its responsibility as a manufacturer to ensure that the products do not lead to any anti-doping rule violation.”

WADA states: “A significant number of positive tests have been attributed to the misuse of supplements and taking a poorly labelled dietary supplement is not an adequate defence in a doping hearing.”


The new ASADA “Clean Sport” App

ASADA has developed a “Clean Sport App” that allows athletes to search for products Certified by HASTA or Informed Sport

The App lists batch numbers and expiry dates

This includes the HASTA Certified Body Science products

For more information, download the ASADA Clean Sport mobile app,



“Every month, at least one Australian athlete tests positive from a supplement contaminated with a prohibited substance.”

Ensure that all the sports supplements used by your athletes are HASTA Certified to protect them against the inadvertent use of banned substances.



For more Information please visit the HASTA website https://hasta.org.au/