Calm Stress Adrenal Support by Body Science

Formulated alongside some of Australians most respected industry experts, the Calm Stress Support formula is about bringing your best to each day – intense productivity optimisation through the application of clinically dosed and highly sought-after herbal extracts. It’s about calming the nerves, and easing that tension, think focus and drive with a true sense of ease.

An anxiolytic supplement: it combats stress and protects you from future stressors.

This is all about protecting your mental health and performance. It helps squash existing stress while improving your ability to handle new, incoming stressful events.

With the busy lives we’re all leading nowadays, anxiolytic supplements are great for better mental health and performance. They help keep your edge sharp if you’re feeling worn down, or restoring it when you’re feeling really rough.


Calm Stress Adrenal Support Ingredients: what is in it?

Melissa officinalis

This is a traditional medicine superstar that is used for its ability to calm and focus. It helps to reduce the effects of stress and may even directly improve your cognitive abilities in the short-term.

The calmness does all the work here, though, and that’s why it’s a perfect ingredient for calm stress support!


This is another great natural remedy for stress and anxiety, with the science to back it up.

Kava is often used at the same potency and effectiveness as classical medical anti-anxiety products. However, it’s not a pharmaceutical and the extract is all-natural, over-the-counter stress and anxiety squasher.

The result is a plant-based, all-natural supplement for anxiety with all the same power as the pills!

Ziziphus jujuba

This is a fruit extract from Chinese traditional medicine that is renowned as a low-level sedative and helps to reduce anxiety.

This combines well with the other ingredients since it is a physically relaxing compound, as well as reducing anxiety and stress. This contributes to better muscular recovery and sleep quality, making it a great addition to your health and wellness!

Aloysia citrodora

This is also known as Lemon Verbena; it’s a digestive-support and general wellness compound that has some great antioxidant qualities.

It also helps reduce swelling and inflammation, making it a great all-rounder for health and wellbeing.

Finally, this is a great sleep-support ingredient. It helps improve sleepiness, making it a great late-night choice, and improves sleep quality. This pays off in physical recovery, mood, cognitive performance, and recovery from stress!

Nutrient support: B6 and Chromium

B6 is one of the most important metabolic wellbeing vitamins. It’s also relatively hard to get at optimal levels, so supplementary support like this is a great addition to Calm stress support.

Chromium, on the other hand, is an essential mineral that is associated with healthy hormonal function. Deficiency can significantly damage your body’s fat-metabolism processes, so topping up is great!

Calm Stress Adrenal Support Benefits: what is it for?

This is a herbal extract blend offering anxiolytic and protective properties. This help reduces the effects of anxiety and stress while protecting you from future stressors at the same time.

The benefits to this are obvious: better mood and happier life. However, these also bleed over to other areas: improved physical recovery, better mental health and performance, and even improved exercise and weight-loss in the long-term.

The combination of mental and physical benefits are great for your overall health and leave you feeling better, both in your body and mind.

Calm Stress Adrenal Support Verdict: how does it compare?

It’s a great all-natural herbal extract blend that supports your mental health and performance. This is a great choice for improving things like recovery between workouts and supporting better sleep quality.

The benefits are pretty well-rounded and it’s a great all-natural alternative to some other brands on the market. The combination of physical and mental relaxants and sleep-boosting ingredients make it a great addition to your winding-down and recuperation habits!

Overall, this is going to feed into your life in tons of different ways, and you’ll feel and perform better for it!



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