BSc's High Protein Low Carb Cookie

Author: The experts at Body Science®  Date Posted:30 April 2021 



By now you have probably heard about the launch of BSc's new High Protein Low Carb Cookies. This project was hard work for everyone at Body Science. This is because the formula for a tasty cookie that was macro-friendly, high in protein and gluten-free was near impossible, but somehow, they came out with an amazing product.


So, what is the secret?

The answer is FABA BEAN FLOUR, also called Broad Beans flour.

Faba Bean flour is the top ingredient in our cookies. As the name suggests, this flour comes from Broad Beans. Broad Beans are a well-known superfood and are a great source of lean protein, vitamins, minerals, fibres, and natural prebiotics. These magic beans have been scientifically proven to:

- Improve gut health

- Boost the immune system

- Improve bone health

- Reduce blood cholesterol

- Assist with weight loss


Faba Bean Flour, therefore, is a nutrient-dense and naturally gluten-free alternative to highly processed flours, containing twice the amount of protein when compared to wheat flour. Some of the nutritional highlights of Faba Bean Flour include:

- High in protein

- Low in fat

- Gluten-free

- Vitamin B6

- Magnesium

- Potassium

- Thiamine

- Vitamin K



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